• General Assembly Renovates Brooklyn Loft

    Posted on January 02 2017

    Architecture firm General Assembly was recently renovating a loft in Gowanus, Brooklyn when they discovered original wooden fixtures that were part of an old vegetable factory. Instead of covering them back up,...

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  • #combophotos by Stephen McMennamy is Perfect

    Posted on December 28 2016

    Atlanta photographer Stephen McMennamy continues adding to his #combophotos project with new images featuring elephants, palm trees, guitars, zippers, crab legs and more. What's most impressive about Stephen's work is his use of...

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  • Aerial Photos of Salterns by David Burdeny

    Posted on December 27 2016

    Photographer David Burdeny is working on a project entitled SALT: Fields, Plottings and Extracts, which we absolutely love. Burdeny's subjects are salterns in Utah, Mexico and Australia, which he captures through aerial...

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  • Quadrofoil is a Personal Electric Watercraft

    Posted on December 22 2016

    Still searching for a Christmas present? Look to further than the Quadrofoil. OK, it may be a little too late but you can definitely start thinking about next year. "We have revolutionized...

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  • Blood Orange Releases 'Better Than Me' Video

    Posted on December 20 2016

    It's pretty amazing what you can accomplish on an empty warehouse floor. Check out the wonderful new music video from Dev Hynes aka Blood Orange for his song 'Better Than Me' featuring...

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  • Glass Bridges at Zhangjiajie Forest

    Posted on December 19 2016

    French studio Martin Duplantier Architectes has proposed a plan that would install a series of bridges at China's Zhangjiajie National Forest Park - the site of the world's longest and...

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  • Kid Cudi Drops Passion, Pain & Demon Slayin' Album

    Posted on December 16 2016

    Kid Cudi just released his seventh studio album entitled Passion, Pain & Demon Slayin' and it is amazing. We've been playing it non-stop at Native Ken. Instead of some long writeup explaining...

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  • 'Hoop Dreams' Instillation by John Margaritis

    Posted on December 15 2016

    Artist John Margaritis exhibited his creativity once again with an awesome instillation at Art Basel Miami entitled Hoop Dreams. The instillation features a lone basketball hoop right in the ocean,...

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  • Big Sean Drops Colorful 'Bounce Back' Video

    Posted on December 14 2016

    It looks like Big Sean will be releasing a project very soon as he unveils a brand new video for his record 'Bounce Back.' The visual is very colorful and...

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  • Charles Pétillon Photographs Balloon Landscapes

    Posted on December 12 2016

    Photographer Charles Pétillon carefully arranges clusters of balloons in places like empty houses, basketball courts, between buildings, the forest, the ocean, and more. The results, once photographed, look like landscapes from...

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  • Greenery is Pantone Color of 2017

    Posted on December 09 2016

    Says Pantone, "Greenery is the PANTONE Color of the Year selection for 2017! A fresh and zesty yellow-green shade that evokes the first days of spring when nature's greens revive, restore...

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  • Bonobo & Rhye Release Stunning 'Break Apart' Video

    Posted on December 08 2016

    Well this is without a doubt one of our favorite songs and videos of 2016. Watch the new Neil Krug-directed visual for "Break Apart" by Bonobo and Rhye above. Those landscapes...

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  • Christian Richter Photographs Abandoned Buildings

    Posted on December 06 2016

    Photographer Christian Richter has been breaking into abandoned buildings all over Europe for his ongoing photo series, Abandoned. Richter has explored over 1,000 buildings in countries like Germany, France, Belgium, Italy and...

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  • Controlled Explosions by Ken Hermann

    Posted on December 05 2016

    Bang! Copenhagen-based photographer Ken Hermann partnered with a pyrotechnics expert to create his latest series, Explosion2.0. Each explosion was illuminated with a strobe light while photographed, making them appear incredibly...

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  • Kid Cudi & Travis Scott Are 'Baptized In Fire'

    Posted on December 01 2016

    Kid Cudi and Travis Scott join forces for yet another song off Cudi's upcoming Passion, Pain & Demon Slayin' album. Between this and 'Surfin' the project is shaping up to be...

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  • Somewhere Else & Majid Jordan Drop Crazy Video

    Posted on November 30 2016

    How do you even create a video like this? Take a look at these very trippy and sexually charged visuals featuring an attractive couple and an awesome soundtrack provided by...

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  • Minimalist Look Makes Domus Aurea Irresistible

    Posted on November 28 2016

    These 'get dark at 4:30' days are making us miss our good old friend sunlight. Let's just say that a ray of sunshine is more than enough to put a smile...

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  • Introducing The Apple Mirror Concept

    Posted on November 27 2016

    We are absolutely loving this Apple Mirror concept by New York City-based graphic designer and web developer Rafael Dymek. With a tagline that boasts, 'The biggest thing to happen to mirrors since the...

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  • Bright Red Shapes Light Up Spanish Countryside

    Posted on November 25 2016

    Check out this very cool instillation by Paris-based photographer Nicolas Rivals featuring bright red light configurations. Taken while traveling throughout Spain, the photos showcase long-exposure shots that reveal a fascinating relationship between...

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  • Amazing Video Shows Vintage Glasses Being Made

    Posted on November 21 2016

    It's crazy to see so much work go into something so small. Here's to handmade frames, the pursuit of perfection, and that amazing vintage style. Need a pair of glasses yourself...

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  • John Mayer Returns with New Single

    Posted on November 20 2016

    John Mayer is back. The singer took to Facebook Live on Thursday to debut his new single 'Love On The Weekend,' which is now available to stream. Mayer's last album Paradise Valley was...

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  • John Legend & Chance The Rapper Join Forces

    Posted on November 17 2016

    John Legend is getting ready to release a brand new album entitled Darkness and Light on December, 2nd. To get us excited for the project, Legend just dropped this single featuring rising star Chance The...

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  • The Stealth Building Gets Penthouse Addition

    Posted on November 15 2016

    Architecture firm WORKac just released new images of their latest work on the Stealth Building, located in the trendy Tribeca neighborhood of NYC. WORKac was tasked with building a penthouse extension above the existing structure - a...

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  • The 911 Porsche Project by Chris Labrooy

    Posted on November 14 2016

    We're a big fan of the Porsche 911, so this new project from 3D artist Chris Labrooy immediately became the coolest thing we've seen this week (it's only Monday but...

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  • The xx Release New Single 'On Hold'

    Posted on November 10 2016

    Says The xx, "after many years, close together, far apart, great highs, deep lows, heartache and healing, we are so happy to let you know we are releasing our 3rd...

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  • Sofas Combine Design & Comfort Perfectly

    Posted on November 08 2016

    We're loving this furniture collaboration between Missana and Valencia-based MUT Design. Called Block, the seating collection blends design and comfort, as the sleek blue color and large cushions showcase. According to...

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  • Black Glass Building Coming To New York City

    Posted on November 07 2016

    Start saving now if you want any chance of getting an apartment in this beauty, set to open in 2019. Designed by Pritzker Prize-winning architect Richard Meier, the 556-unit building...

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  • Nick Murphy Makes Statement with New Single

    Posted on November 04 2016

    He changed his name but the music is as good as ever. Nick Murphy, formerly known as Chet Faker, is preparing for the release of his next album and released this...

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  • Artist Creates Hand-Drawn Persian Rugs

    Posted on November 02 2016

    Jason Seife is an incredibly patient (and talented) person. The Miami artist creates paintings that resemble ornate Persian rugs, something which requires a lot of focus and time but is clearly worth...

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  • Siena International Photography Award Winners

    Posted on November 01 2016

    The popularity of photography is steadily rising and this photo contest is proof. Despite it starting only a year ago, the contest draws tens of thousands of entries from hundreds of top...

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  • Kid Cudi Drops 'Surfin'' Video

    Posted on October 31 2016

    Kid Cudi releases a video for the infectious track 'Surfin',' his latest Pharrell-produced single that's perfect for getting by on a Monday. The visual, directed by Scott Mescudi himself, features camos from...

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  • Sinroja Brothers Debut Powder Blue BMW R3 Bike

    Posted on October 27 2016

    If you're looking for guys to keep an eye on in the world of design, look no further than the Sinroja brothers. Originally from India, the brothers moved to England in...

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  • Vendors In Thailand Photographed From Above

    Posted on October 26 2016

    Talk about a unique concept. Photographer Loes Heerink decided to capture street vendors in Vietnam riding around by bicycle from an aerial perspective. By shooting from vantage points like bridges, Heerink...

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  • This Will Be The Second Tallest Building In NYC

    Posted on October 22 2016

    New York is getting yet another addition to its already impressive skyline. One Vanderbilt, set to be the second tallest building in New York, begins construction in 2017. The development...

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  • 2016 Wildlife Photographer of The Year Winners

    Posted on October 19 2016

    Take a look at some of the winning images from the 2016 Wildlife Photographer of The Year awards, presented by the Natural History Museum. The photo above taken by Tim Laman...

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  • The Coolest Concrete House You've Ever Seen

    Posted on October 18 2016

    While comfort seems to be the recent trend in fashion and design, architect Felipe Escudero created a concrete house that would appeal to even the staunchest comfort fanatics. Located in Ecuador,...

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  • Here Are The Top 50 Bars In The World

    Posted on October 17 2016

    Looking for a great new bar to check out? Well if you're in New York or London you're in luck, as many of the world's best bars can be found...

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  • Jaw-Dropping Images Feature 432 Park Ave Interior

    Posted on October 14 2016

    Wonder what living in the tallest residential building in the Western Hemisphere would be like? Wonder no more. Take a look at these incredible images taken inside 432 Park Avenue, the 85-floor...

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  • Kid Cudi Releases Trippy Video For 'Frequency'

    Posted on October 13 2016

    Kid Cudi made headlines recently after checking into a facility to deal with mental health issues, including depression. We're wishing the musician all the best as he battles his demons...

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  • The Many Wonderful Storefronts of Paris

    Posted on October 11 2016

    When most people think about what makes Paris so beautiful, landmarks like the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre come to mind. While both are incredibly famous for good reason, Pixelartprinting and...

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  • Radiohead Welcomes Fall with New Visuals

    Posted on October 10 2016

    Kick off your week with some new visuals from one of our favorite bands, Radiohead. Directed by Paul Thomas Anderson (There Will Be Blood, Inherent Vice, The Master, Boogie Nights,...

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  • Studio E.O Designs Melting Flower Vases

    Posted on October 07 2016

    We are definitely going to need a few of these for the Native Ken shop. "The project is an exploration of the relationship between geometric and organic forms – transparent and...

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  • Chance The Rapper Drops Trippy Freestyle

    Posted on October 05 2016

    While we aren't familiar with Supa Bwe before, this record featuring one of our favorite artists, Chance The Rapper, is very impressive. The track has a very feel-good vibe and the video...

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  • Vishaan Chakrabarti Proposes Penn Station Redesign

    Posted on October 04 2016

    As you may have heard, Governor Cuomo has OK'd plans to rebuild Penn Station, and while many New Yorkers are thrilled with the news, there are those unhappy with the...

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  • Solange Releases Powerful New Album

    Posted on October 03 2016

    Solange recently released her new album, A Seat At The Table, and we can't get enough. The record is lyrically powerful while it's sound delivers the perfect summer-to-fall soundtrack. To go along with...

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  • Simon Davidson Photographs Colorful Burnouts

    Posted on September 29 2016

    Can't. Stop. Staring. "Amongst the bombastic chaos of a burnout, tranquility exists," says photographer Simon Davidson. "Hidden from the conscious self, these zen like moments are only revealed by the...

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  • Snapchat Introduces 'Spectacles' Eyewear

    Posted on September 28 2016

    Snapchat is moving into eyewear with its upcoming release, Spectacles. The glasses, which cost $130, are capable of recording 10-second videos with cameras that employ a 115-degree lens to more...

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  • The Marvelous Home of Jean-Charles de Castelbajac

    Posted on September 26 2016

    Says Apartamento Magazine, "for over 40 years Jean-Charles de Castelbajac has marched to the beat of his own drum, creating a print and color-splashed style synonymous with early '90s fashion—one...

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