Bright Red Shapes Light Up Spanish Countryside

Posted on November 25 2016

Check out this very cool instillation by Paris-based photographer Nicolas Rivals featuring bright red light configurations. Taken while traveling throughout Spain, the photos showcase long-exposure shots that reveal a fascinating relationship between fabricated objects and the natural world. Entitled La Linea Roja, the project description is as follows:

A red line woven over a journey through Spain, to connect Man with nature.

A red line to fix a moment of poetry, the time of a night. Unreal scenes that nevertheless existed to better disappear in the morning.

An installation deposited as a proposition to the natural world.

A luminous harmony between will and chance.

Between homage and sacrilege.

Between the beautiful and the strange.

Take a look at out favorite photos below and check out Nicolas Rivals' website for more photography.

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