Minimalist Look Makes Domus Aurea Irresistible

Posted on November 28 2016

These 'get dark at 4:30' days are making us miss our good old friend sunlight. Let's just say that a ray of sunshine is more than enough to put a smile on just about anyone's face. Architect Alberto Campo Baeza had this exact sentiment in mind while constructing his new house in Mexico. Says Baeza, "I did my utmost to ensure that this house would be the most beautiful in the world. That is my stated intent with every new project that falls into my hands. And of course, if Barragán is always present in all my architecture, he is even more in this case, which is why I decided that not only would my house be flooded with light, but that it would be the golden light of Barragán." This is Barragán by the way. Along with wonderful access to sunlight, the house features a garden and rooftop swimming pool. The minimal white look is also a major calling card. Check out pics of the Domus Aurea below and click here to check out more stunning architecture.

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