• Artist Fuses Pop Albums with Classical Paintings

    Posted on March 02 2016

    Filipino graphic artist Eisen Bernard Bernardo just unveiled his new project Album+Art which features album sleeves from some of the biggest pop albums ever fused with famous classical paintings from the...

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  • Explore Vienna Courtesy of This Incredible Hyperlapse

    Posted on February 29 2016

    Shot by filmmakers Thomas Pöcksteiner and Peter Jablonowski, this hyperlapse video of Vienna is definitely one of the coolest things we've seen in 2016. We have no idea how they...

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  • EYEVAN Eyewear Available at Native Ken

    Posted on February 28 2016

    We are very happy to announce the inclusion of EYEVAN to our existing inventory. The Japanese brand has been making waves for decades, appearing on celebs like Madonna and Princess...

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  • Smithsonian To Feature Hip-Hop Photo Exhibit

    Posted on February 26 2016

    The Smithsonian National Museum of African American History & Culture is opening this fall in Washington, DC and will feature an in-depth hip-hop photo exhibit. Entitled Golden Age of Hip-Hop, the...

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  • Paul Smith Designs Land Rover Defender

    Posted on February 25 2016

    One of our favorite designers, Paul Smith, has designed a bespoke version of the Land Rover Defender. Using a palette of 27 colours, Paul created a vehicle that pays homage...

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  • 2016 World Press Photo Contest Winners Announced

    Posted on February 23 2016

    Winners were selected from 82,951 photos by 5,775 photographers from 128 different countries. That's a lot to go through. Lucky for us, the folks over at World Press were down...

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  • SUPER Collaborates with Icon Mark Gonzales

    Posted on February 22 2016

    One of our favorite brands, RETROSUPERFUTURE, has collaborated with skateboarding legend and culture icon Mark Gonzales aka Gonz on a pair of unisex frames for Spring/Summer 2016. Says SUPER, 'this...

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  • Leon Bridges Performs 'This Love' Record

    Posted on February 21 2016

    NOWNESS just unveiled this awesome two-minute clip featuring Texas-born singer-songwriter Leon Bridges performing a new song entitled 'This Love.' We've become big fans of Leon's laid back style, reminiscent of rhythm...

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  • FKA twigs Drops Video For 'Good To Love'

    Posted on February 18 2016

    One of our favorite new artists FKA twigs just released a fresh visual for 'Good To Love,' produced by Rick Nowels and twigs herself. Using a comfy looking bed as her set,...

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  • People Are Mysteriously Losing Distance Vision

    Posted on February 17 2016

    WIRED just ran an article titled 'Lots of People Are Losing Distance Vision, and No One Knows Why' which has been picking up a lot of momentum. We won't try...

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  • Villas To Be Integrated Into Brazilian Rainforest

    Posted on February 16 2016

    Imagine living in the Brazilian rainforest. Not around or close to the rainforest, but actually in it. Triptyque Architecture has proposed making that a reality for nine lucky bidders with...

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  • Chris LaBrooy Creates Automobile Aerobics in Japan

    Posted on February 12 2016

    UK artist Chris LaBrooy created these mind-bending graphics featuring various vehicles in the streets of Toyko, Japan. The four vehicles featured include a Honda NSX, Datsun 240Z, Datsun Skyline GT-R,...

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  • Flying Lotus Drops J Dilla Tribute Mix

    Posted on February 11 2016

    The great producer Flying Lotus released an exclusive mix as a tribute to the late J Dilla, who passed away a decade ago (Feb. 10, 2006). While actually recorded the day...

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  • NASA Releases Space Tourism Posters

    Posted on February 10 2016

    Even though NASA is pretty busy exploring the boundaries of space, they still made time to create these mock space tourism posters. Designed by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, a subdivision of...

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  • SUPER Releases 'Giaguaro Zero' Collection

    Posted on February 09 2016

    Featuring two sets of unisex frames, SUPER's 'Giaguaro Zero' combines style and sport with these unique aviator-style sunglasses. With one option in silver with blue lenses and the other in gold...

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  • NYC Office Tower To Feature Cascading Terraces

    Posted on February 08 2016

    We're seeing a trend emerge with new buildings in New York City - the presence of gardens/green areas built directly into the project design. The latest example comes courtesy of...

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  • MYKITA SS16 MYLON Campaign

    Posted on February 05 2016

    Says the German eyewear brand, 'MYKITA MYLON blurs the border between fashion and sports. State-of-the-art design coupled with a material that boasts individual adjustability, low weight and extreme durability make these...

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  • Jamie xx & Four Tet Release 'SeeSaw' Club Mix

    Posted on February 04 2016

    Even though Jamie xx released his hit album In Colour in May of last year, we're still being treated to unreleased gems from the project, like this club mix of...

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  • Otherworldly Alien Landscapes by Filip Hodas

    Posted on February 03 2016

    Filip Hodas is a DJ and graphic designer who has been releasing these awesome otherworldly renditions on his Instagram page since the start of 2015. By using programs like World Machine,...

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  • Saul Leiter Was New York's Best Street Photographer

    Posted on January 26 2016

    Like so many great artists, Saul Leiter wasn't recognized for his incredible work until much later in life. Moving from Philly to NYC in 1946, Leiter would go on to document...

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  • RÜFÜS Prone For Breakthrough Year

    Posted on January 24 2016

    We love finding new artists to be excited about. Today, that spotlight belongs to RÜFÜS, a three-member group from Australia that just released their second album, Bloom, on January 22nd. Their...

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  • Praying Mantises Wear Tiny 3D Glasses For Science

    Posted on January 22 2016

    Scientists are always trying to uncover answers to the unknown - like how do praying matises see. It has been thought the insects were able to see in 3D, but scientist Jenny...

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  • Monocle Travel Guide: Rio de Janeiro

    Posted on January 20 2016

    Nicknamed 'The Marvelous City,' Brazil's Rio de Janeiro is a must-see travel destination thanks to its incredible landscapes and endless entertainment options. Along with its good looks, the city prides...

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  • Majid Jordan Share 'Learn From Each Other' Record

    Posted on January 15 2016

    If you're going out tonight, this is the perfect record to get you hyped and ready to hit the town. Set to appear on the duo's self-titled Majid Jordan album, 'Learn...

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  • How To Protect Yourself From Digital Eye Strain

    Posted on January 13 2016

    As technology increasingly becomes a part of our everyday lives, we spend more and more time looking at screens. Be it computer, phone or TV screens, they're everywhere and totally...

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  • 'Aequorea' Is An Eco-Friendly Water Civilization

    Posted on January 11 2016

    Global warming is real and Vincent Callebaut wants to do something about it. The architect recently unveiled his 3D renderings for 'Auquorea' - an eco-friendly water civilization situated off the coast...

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  • Stephen McMennamy Fuses Photos For Funny Results

    Posted on January 08 2016

    We definitely got a kick out of these images by Stephen McMennamy who produced 'combophotos' by fusing two mismatched pictures together. From a tomato boxing glove to a pasta forklift, the...

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  • Teen Daze Debuts New Single 'Célébrer'

    Posted on January 06 2016

    Producer Teen Daze just released his first record of the new year and we haven't stopped playing it since we first pressed play. Says the British Colombian native, "I feel...

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  • Luxury Meets Air Travel with Skyacht One

    Posted on January 05 2016

    Geez, air travel keeps getting crazier and more luxurious. Not long after the announcement of the SkyDeck, we're given a sneak peek at the Skyacht One, a flying machine that's exactly what...

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  • New York Streets In The 1960's

    Posted on January 04 2016

    Photographer Sepp Werkmeister, famous for photographing the likes of Ella Fitzgerald and Miles Davis, just released these never-before-seen images via NY Mag. Officially debuting this month in his new book...

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  • 2015 National Geographic Photo Contest Winners

    Posted on January 02 2016

    Everyone's favorite photography magazine, National Geographic, just announced the winners of their 2015 Photo Contest. With categories including nature, places, and people, we see a wide range of stunning imagery...

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  • 10 Things Your Eyes Say About You

    Posted on December 30 2015

    Eyes are pretty cool. Besides letting you see where you're going while make life amazing in the process, your eyes can say a lot about you. From stress and nutrition to disease and...

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  • Zaha Hadid Designs New York Chelsea Residence

    Posted on December 29 2015

    Chelsea remains the hotspot for new residential buildings, as famed architect Zaha Hadid unveils her design for 520 West 28th - a series of 39 luxury condos in one of New...

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  • GoPro Compiles Best Videos of 2015

    Posted on December 28 2015

    GoPro, one of the hottest items of the past few years, just compiled some of the best videos shot on its products in 2015. While action sports dominates content, GoPro...

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  • Electro Duo Purity Ring Release Dreamy 'heartsigh' Visual

    Posted on December 22 2015

    Despite Purity Ring having released their latest album Another Eternity back in February, the electronic duo is still dropping visuals for the project - great news for us fans. Their...

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  • Artist Trina Merry Releases 'Lost In Wonder' Series

    Posted on December 20 2015

    Look closely. Notice something a little different? Not only are these images from Trina Merry super cool, they reveal something pretty meaningful. According to the series profile, 'Merry travelled to the...

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  • Glyph Is World's First Personal Theater

    Posted on December 18 2015

    Netflix may have just gotten a lot more interesting. Thanks to these incredibly unique headsets from Glyph, users are able to fully immerse themselves in a personal theater experience. We're looking...

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  • Ryan Hemsworth Embraces Virtual Reality in New Video

    Posted on December 16 2015

    Virtual reality is becoming more and more popular with the emergence of the Oculus Rift and other devices able to bring us into other worlds entirely. Ryan Hemsworth decided to...

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  • SUPER 2015 Winter 'Wire Zero' Collection

    Posted on December 15 2015

    SUPER is at it again with yet another collection of bold frames from their 'Wire Zero' release. The frames will be available in three new unisex styles which highlight their attention-grabbbing...

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  • SkyDeck Offers 360 Degree View From The Clouds

    Posted on December 14 2015

    Flying will never be the same again. Check out this awesome concept from Windspeed Technologies called SkyDeck, a glass 'bubble' that would sit on top of airplanes and allow flyers...

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  • Mark Foster Gage Unveils Conceptual NYC Skyscraper

    Posted on December 10 2015

    Architect Mark Foster Gage just unveiled his conceptual plans for a sculptural 102-storey residential building in New York City. The complex, which features views of Central Park and the city...

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  • Enjoy Chet Faker's Jazzy Throwback 'Fear Like You'

    Posted on December 09 2015

    Check out this Chet Faker track from a few years back. We're loving the jazziness of the record which feels perfect on a grey day like today. It makes us wanna...

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  • Watch Mesmerizing Video Footage of Storms

    Posted on December 07 2015

    Storms can be truly beautiful to behold, especially when shot by videographer Nicolaus Wegner. The video above entitled 'Stormscapes 3' showcases a variety of supercells and other rotating storms, spooky...

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  • Thom Yorke & Flea Perform 'Atoms For Peace' On French TV

    Posted on December 06 2015

    Thom Yorke will always be a legend thanks to his work as a solo artist and Radiohead frontman. Flea will always be a legend for his status as Red Hot...

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  • Native Ken Featured on WeWork 'Creator' Platform

    Posted on December 04 2015

    We would like to thank WeWork and Allen Peng for their recent feature At Native Ken, Brothers Have a Vision for the Future. Check out the full piece in which we...

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  • Kid Cudi Releases 'Speedin' Bullet 2 Heaven' Single

    Posted on December 02 2015

    Kid Cudi took to Twitter to tell fans he was postponing some upcoming shows due to personal reasons, but to keep spirits high and with a vow he'd be returning...

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  • Jim Olson Built The Perfect Treehouse

    Posted on December 01 2015

    Talk about house goals. Architect Jim Olson took a $500 loan from his father a few decades ago and went on to build this incredible treehouse in Longbranch, Washington. Not only...

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  • Kendrick Lamar & J. Cole Trade Remixes

    Posted on November 29 2015

    This is awesome. Kendrick Lamar decided to remix J. Cole's 'A Tale of 2 Citiez' record and J. Cole decided to remix Kendrick Lamar's 'Alright' record. The result is an...

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