DJ Dodger Stadium Remix Rihanna & Drake's 'Work'

Posted on March 08 2016

As 'Work' continues to cement it's place as the biggest song of 2016 (by far), producers are lining up to remix the smash hit. While some tracks are sure to fall a little flat, others are definiltey going to impress. This track by DJ Dodger Stadium is without a doubt the best remix we've come across so far. The rule of thumb is if you're going to remix a great song, you better come close to its original greatness - if not surpass it. While we're not ready to say this version is better than the original, it's definiltey on that same level. We've played it about ten times in a row and we're just getting started. Rihanna and Drake would be proud.

Photography by Paolo Roversi

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