Saul Leiter Was New York's Best Street Photographer

Posted on January 26 2016

Like so many great artists, Saul Leiter wasn't recognized for his incredible work until much later in life. Moving from Philly to NYC in 1946, Leiter would go on to document the streets of New York in such a way that would vault him into the stratosphere of legends. That wasn't until 2012 however, thanks to the film In No Great Hurry: 13 Life Lessons with Saul Leiter, released one year before the photographer's death. As more and more people became familiar with his photography, the demand to showcase his work would grow steadily - a trend that continues today. If you're in Europe and would like to see his work, The Photographers’ Gallery will be the first major gallery in the UK to exhibit Saul Leiter's photos from January 22 till April 3. Click here for more info and scroll down to see how he changed the world of street photography. It's definitely safe to say he was ahead of his time.

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