These Glasses Can Focus Themselves

Posted on March 11 2016

Something big is on the way. Israeli startup Deep Optics is getting close to releasing frames to the public that have the power to focus themselves. While the technology can be found in smartphones camera lenses, it has yet to be used for larger and more powerful optical lenses. The groundbreaking technology would help people with eye issues focus effortlessly. Says the company, 'the idea behind Deep Optics is that when the glasses are not operating electrically, they'll be focused on the far distance, like a normal pair of glasses. But when you're looking at an object close up, like a book, or at an intermediate distance, like a computer display, sensors tracking the eyes will send data about the distance between your pupils to a tiny processor built into the glasses; the processor will calculate where you're looking and adjust the focus up to three diopters.' How amazing. Watch the video below for more info and click here to check out the Deep Optics website.

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