What is in and What is out in 2024?

Posted on November 14 2023

Are you excited to up your ante in your accessory game in 2024? Here is a general idea of what is in and what is out in 2024 when it comes to eyewear.



What's In:

  • Oversized Frames Make a Comeback: Embrace the return of oversized frames in various shapes—round, square, and geometric. These bold frames offer a chic, statement-making look.
  • Sustainability Reigns Supreme: Eco-friendly eyewear continues to gain momentum, with brands emphasizing recycled materials, biodegradability, and sustainable production methods.
  • Emphasis on Tech-Integrated Eyewear: Smart eyewear incorporating augmented reality (AR) features, health monitoring, or voice-activated controls becomes more accessible and stylish.
  • Translucent and Pastel Hues: Soft pastel colors and translucent frames in shades like blush pink, light blue, and lavender will be in demand, adding a touch of delicacy to eyewear fashion.
  • Retro Revival - '90s Inspired: Look out for '90s-inspired designs making a comeback—thin wire frames, slim rectangles, and tinted lenses reminiscent of the iconic styles from the era.
  • Mixing Materials: Experimentation with mixed-material frames, combining metal and acetate or wood and plastic, creating unique textures and aesthetics.
  • Geometric Shapes: Expect geometrically shaped frames - hexagons, octagons, and irregular polygons - adding a modern and edgy flair to eyewear.



What's Out:

  • Ultra-Thin Metal Frames: The ultra-thin metal frame trend might take a backseat as bolder and more substantial frames gain popularity.
  • Harsh Angular Shapes: Harsh, extremely angular frames may see a decline in favor of softer, rounded, or curved designs.
  • Flashy Logos and Branding: Excessive branding and logos might become less prominent, with a shift towards more subtle and minimalist branding approaches.
  • Overly Ornate Details: Overly ornate or heavily embellished frames might take a step back, making room for cleaner and simpler designs.
  • Uncomfortable Oversized Frames: While oversized frames are in, overly heavy or uncomfortable designs might lose favor, making way for more comfortable yet equally stylish options.
  • Single Dominant Color Frames: Solid-colored frames without any texture or pattern might become less popular, with the focus shifting towards more dynamic and visually intriguing designs.


Remember, trends are fluid and subject to change. These projections are based on current fashion movements and consumer preferences, but individual tastes and personal style always play a significant role in eyewear choices. Ultimately, the best eyewear choice is one that reflects your personality and makes you feel confident.

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