The Marvelous Illustrations of Tae Parvit

Posted on August 12 2016

The weekend is here which means fun in the sun for many of you, or better yet, fun in an air conditioned environment, like a museum or gallery. Our recent discovery of illustrator Tae Parvit has us heading into Saturday with art on our mind, and for good reason. Born and based out of Bangkok, Parvit draws inspiration from Willem De Kooning, Basquiat, Cy Twombly, Keith Haring, Andy Rementer and Piet Parra.  According to Tae, his illustrations capture "emotions, people, music and objects that surround me. Mostly it's emotion though, how I feel at that moment, it's almost like I draw instead of writing a diary." His work stretches across several mediums including paper, digital, t-shirts and pins. Check out some of his pieces below and click here to follow him on Instagram.

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