Minimal Landscapes by Luca Tombolini

Posted on January 16 2017

Photographer Luca Tombolini captures landscapes with a very minimal approach during his long solo trips in remote areas like Iceland, Morocco and Croatia. "The red sand reflects the color of millions past suns. Rocks dwelled in primordial seas. The cycle, the multiplicity of countless worlds. Alone in an idle wait, away from things, people and thoughts," says Luca in reference to the image above. "Everything is enigmatic for the one who is in the process of becoming; it's not for the one who just exists. The whole and its inner meaning, where at once everything is simple and nothing stands in-between far away things. I'm a stranger here, more than I've ever been." The weaving together of imagery and commentary really sets this project apart. Take a look at some more imagery below, visit Luca's site here for more commentary, and follow him on Instagram.

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