Imagining New York As It Might Have Been

Posted on May 24 2017

The Queens Museum invites you to step into an alternate Gotham where the boldest, most daring, and most far-reaching urban designs are realized. Curated by Sam Lubell and Greg Goldin, and designed by Christian Wassmann, Never Built New York—opening September 2017—presents 200 years of visionary architectural and urban designs that never came to be, all brought to life for the first time with original drawings, renderings, newly commissioned models, and 3D visualizations.

This is very cool. It's pretty amazing to see some of the ideas people had and wanted to bring to fruition, like a massive dome over Manhattan and a tube-like railway system much like the one Elon Musk is working on today. Press play above and click here to check out the Never Built New York Kickstarter page.

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