The Jack Shainman Gallery Presents Yoan Capote

Posted on July 26 2015

One of our favorite things to do at Native Ken is checking out all the latest art exhibitions only a few blocks away from our Chelsea shop. The Jack Shainman Gallery is one of the reasons we love seeing what’s new, as their latest show Yoan Capote: Collective Unconscious, is a certified Native Ken recommendation.

Collective Unconscious explores history and the distinctive ways in which shared social experiences influence the individual. Drawing on Carl Jung’s assertion that a person’s behavior and thoughts maintain an unconscious link with the past and its archetypes, Capote delves into his Cuban nationality while speaking to a universal experience. In these recent works, he investigates cultural symbols—exposing their fissures, revelling in their inherent contradictions, and imploring the viewer to reconsider the acceptance of history as absolute truth.

For more on the show, the artist and the gallery, visit the Jack Shainman website here.

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