Pawel Nolbert Blurs Line Between Reality & Fantasy

Posted on June 13 2016

Inspired by social media platforms like Instagram that allow users to edit images with filters and other various effects, designer Pawel Nolbert created a photo series that took the practice a step further. Says Nolbert, "we construct our reality in our own way. We do that everyday on our Instagram, blogs and other carefully-curated outlets. Knowing that the world around us doesn’t look like this, we somehow want to believe that all those often extremely filtered and post-processed images in our IG-stream are actually the real thing." With this in mind, 'Constructed' was born, a series that blurs the line between reality and digital augmentation by superimposing shapes and colors onto photographs. Scroll down to check out the images and remember to ask yourself - what's real and what isn't? Click here for more Pawel Nolbert.

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