Minimalist Aquariums by Designer Haruka Misawa

Posted on June 03 2016

If you're a fan of minimalist design and cute little fish, these aquariums complete with 3D printing are a dream come true. Titled 'Waterscapes,' designer Haruka Misawa created a series of aquariums featuring 3D printed props resembling underwater plant life, yet aren't actually possible for structural reasons (i.e. distribution of weight). This allows Misawa the unique opportunity to create an entirely new world for the fish while staying true to the fundamental look and feel of underwater life. Another cool feature is the inclusion of air bubbles in the aquariums, allowing actual plant life to exist within the structures. We can't help but picture one of these at our Chelsea shop. Watch the brief video above, scroll down for photos, and click here to check out the Misawa Design website.

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